Updating ssl

In this series, I pick out some of the gotchas and surprises from my last couple of ventures into certificate renewal, starting with IIS7 for Exchange and Outlook Web Access (OWA). When you click Request Certificate, it brings up the screen where you have to enter a new Certificate Signing Request (CSR), so: a.

Certificate suppliers usually give you two months or more of warning of an imminent expiry, but even before the first Go Daddy renewal email arrived, I was warned by my Win2k8 server that one of my certificates was about to expire or had already done so. Log in to Go Daddy, bring up the details of the certificate (SSL Certificates/Launch), and then click Certificates.

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It requires manual installation, please see instructions below.Even if we have official releases of any of the versions that correct the issue, it will not be possible install those via Ruby Gems (chicken-egg problem described before).Once official releases are out, installation might be simpler.This error is produced by changes in infrastructure. Please follow the instructions below to update your Ruby Gems: Now that Ruby Gems 2.6.x has been released, you can manually update to this version.Download the latest Ruby Gems Please download the file in a directory that you can later point to (eg.

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