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58 pages (Drama, Horror, Thriller) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board The 28th Prisoner by Sandy Stinson The Psychiatrist who invented the modern suicide prevention center loses everyone in the Holocaust, to contemplate his own suicide.

Will the meaning-based therapy he created provide him with a reason to live?

99 pages (Drama) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board All The Good Ones by Jentri Chancey A seventeen year-old small town girl, Story, falls for a twenty year- old, eccentric college boy, Billy, in her hometown.

When they decide to move to Austin, TX together, Billy's addiction to drugs and a steady past leads to the quick demise of a perfect love, resulting in paranoia, sexual confusion, and infidelity.

119 pages (Drama, Fantasy) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board All-Mighty by Vince Remo Humans are caught in the middle of an epic battle between Angels and Demons. 121 pages (Drama) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board Alpha Beta Gold by J Todd A would-be game designer finds herself up against sexism and fierce competition as she tries to win a prestigious internship.

As Richie Deusch steps onto the pavement, hears the explosion of his car, and sees it engulfed in flames, his seemingly mundane existence as a stockbroker changes before his eyes.

Richie has committed a ridiculous error in judgment and finds himself in front of an old crusty judge who gives him a choice of life altering situations: 100 days in a federal penitentiary, or 100 days as a substitute teacher in a hard core New York City public high school. 100 pages (Drama, Comedy ) doc format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board100 Letters by Stefen Matias Four Friends are delivered a box containing 100 letters from their friend who has committed suicide.

Through these letter, the four of them learn secrets from the past and uncover the real truth of their friends death, sending them on a journey filled with the unbelievable secret their friend left behind.

While Billy is a whimsical dreamer, faced with internal demons, Story's blinded optimism keeps her believing that she can change him.

His plans for them include traveling around the world and visiting his birthplace.

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