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“Bros, unadey surprised,” he asked in Pidgin English, flashing a warm grin in the process. We don see this type of show tire, so no be new thing for us.

As long as na inside their own motor them knack themself, no wahala.

“My girlfriend thought I was mad for even mentioning such to her that night at the club,” he said.

“She felt it was a few hours to daybreak and that we could always wait to get home before having sex.

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One young man, who identified himself only as Kayode, said that even though he is not proud to say it, he totally enjoyed the experience of making love in his Sports Utility Vehicle with his girlfriend of five years.After passionately kissing each other for about three minutes, the lady, without being prompted, hopped on top of the bulky-looking guy as the young man caressed her from head to the waistline in response.While still standing and looking amazed at the scene, a middle-aged security man working at the club, who was on routine patrol to ensure that parked cars were safe, interjected.But after some persuasion helped by the volume of alcohol that had gone into our system, she finally agreed.We went straight into the back seat of the car to ‘rock’ ourselves.

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