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Sadly, despite all my cool product development projects at work, I still get more excited by the prospect of travel.

In my defence, it is easier to share the excitement of travel with friends, family, and loved ones, than it is to share the excitement of developing a flame-retardant conveyor belt.


There are so many people who seem to give off the impression that all that their life is missing is a vacation to somewhere cool and undiscovered. And the vast majority of these advertisements feature emotionally maudlin husbands or wives or children crying (or as Jagadguru used to say, crying up and down) about how miserable their lives are, and how the new real estate development can magically solve all this misery.

The upside was that the whole association with Sycorian left me with stories upon which I will be able to dine out for years and years.

The downsides were: blend of tradition and modernity.

My father, whom I respect, love, and admire, is admittedly not infallible.

And one of the major mistakes he made where my own life is concerned was in 2013, when in a mood that was mixed parts of ‘Nothing else is working’, ‘Customised service is better than faceless matrimonial websites’, and ‘The upside could be great and how bad could the downside be?

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