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It is sometimes regarded as unlucky and associated with ghosts because the Chinese word for seven rhythms with the Chinese word for "certain death." It is often regarded as lucky because the word for "seven" () is the same the word for "positive energy" and "life force." In northern China, you never see the price 250 yuan.That is because to say “250": is the same as calling a person crazy.Five is important because it is halfway between 1 and 9.

Many auspicious numbers are homonyms of Chinese characters associated with good fortune, prosperity and longevity.Although nine is regarded as lucky the ninth of September is regarded as the time when ghosts return to earth from the other world.The Temple of Heaven in Beijing is a good illustration of how Chinese numerology works in conjunction with the number nine.Couples also try to get married on auspicious days foretold by fortunetellers.---the year, month, day and time the bride and groom were born are important in determining whether couples are compatible. One fortune teller told the International Herald Tribune, “The majority of Chinese believe in horoscope readings and do not merely consult them for fun." The year of the horse began in February 2014.

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