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It is just like living back home in the Punjab where baby girls are routinely aborted by the mother eating a poisonous plant.'Jasvinder Sanghera, a Midlands-based campaigner opposing forced marriages and 'honour' violence against women, has also warned that there is 'absolutely no doubt' that sex-selective abortions are happening in Britain.'There will be many, many Asian women out there who are pregnant and who are thinking “please, please let it be a boy”.In those circumstances, women are seeking abortions if they find out the child is a girl.'I have heard heartbreaking stories of women being put under pressure to have abortions to get rid of baby girls.Yet Asha, a Sikh whose parents came here from the Punjab, is telling me about a practice campaigners fear is worryingly common among some families living here originally from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

'When I had a daughter myself, I found that other members of the Sikh community felt sorry for me.

It's a bone of contention between me and my husband which has not helped our marriage.

I have refused to have any other children as a result.'In South-West London, a 32-year-old Muslim housewife called Uraj had an even more sad tale to tell.

She lives in a council house with her two girls of seven and eight after being divorced by her Pakistani husband, who beat her up when she was expecting her second daughter, hoping she would lose the baby.

'He pulled out clumps of my hair, gave me a black eye, and beat me on my arms, legs and body. I came round and managed to ring the police, who turned up to arrest him, but he had disappeared.'Uraj never saw her husband again. A few months later, after she'd had the baby girl alone in her local NHS hospital, she received a solicitor's letter asking her to agree to a divorce.

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