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We are looking for a bi people between the ages of 25 and 45...preferably the ladies should be of similar stature to Sara for an all bi fun..are not looking for bicurious people, (no exception on that) our homepage Last saturday night we met a very sexy guy from Adult Friend Finder at our home......The food and drink should be plain, since in this situation the amount of pleasure must be minimized.14) How often may such a person eat small quantities? Further, he must wait nine minutes between the end of one session and the beginning of the next.To be strict and refuse to eat, putting one's life in danger, is foolhardy and a serious offence.A doctor (preferably God fearing) and a rabbi must be consulted in order to determine the seriousness of his condition.The maximum quantity of food that may be eaten at one session is 30ml (one fluid ounce).This measurement is a volume and not a weight, and is the same for all types of food.

It is advisable to accustom the baby to formula a few days beforehand to avoid complications arising on Yom Kippur.

After seven full days she must fast like everyone else unless there is some complication. Wherever possible, conditions in the home should be arranged to ease fasting, e.g. The husband should be prepared to help at home during the day to enable his wife to fast.

If a doctor fears that fasting may cause a miscarriage (God forbid), she may eat or drink small quantities.

If she says that she does not need to eat, she should eat only small quantities.

If during the fast she feels that she needs to eat normally, she may do so.

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